accio lightsaber!

Livejournal, I've been neglecting you. Really though, there's nothing much to tell. My grades are, for once, totally sweet, but I could care less. The sooner I'm out of the public school system, the better. It's not the schooling part that I want to be away from; it's everything else. You don't want to hear my woes about that though, do you?

No, you don't. Alas, fall back into neglect!
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In study hall today, Coach Higgins and some disgustingly southern thing woman were getting on Maura's case for having a brief (1.05 nanosecond) smooch-time with her boyfriend. The dialogue was basically just, "There shouldn't be any PDA outside of the home; just have him carry your books and wave goodbye!" and, "I usually tell them to get a room." The first one was said by Coach Higgins, but he was joking; the Thing was not. She then went on this Puritanical tirade, and was not enthused when we (I) tried to get in on the conversation:

"We're trying to have a conversation," they said.

"...get a room," said I.

Coach Higgins turned a brighter shade of red than usual, and the Thing, judging by the look on her face, was considering the pros and cons of various torturing and killing methods. So, instead of going out to my car after school and crying about how hard life is, I triumphed over my excellent conversation skills and only cried a little bit about life sucking.

Dillon: 1, Thing: 0

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I have been in a chronically shitty mood lately, and I have no idea why. Hopefully this weekend will clear all that up. Not that I have plans yet. But you know, in time. I guess I should be happy that I managed to get my statistics grade up to an A, but that would cause the state of my existence to be defined by my math grade. Ewww.


I never thought I'd want to go to UCF

...but after researching it a bit, I kind of dig it. I guess I'll know more once I go look at it.

And while we're (I'm) on the subject of colleges, I would like to advise everyone against FAU. Any college that wants me to go to their honors school is definitely not worth the money.